Muskoka Futures is proud to work with partners across our region to support business and economic development.

Muskoka Futures partners with Muskoka Small Business Centre to provide Mentor services to their programs.

Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) is co-located with Muskoka Futures at 345 Ecclestone Drive in Bracebridge.

Contact North is co-located with Muskoka Futures at 345 Ecclestone Drive in Bracebridge.

Muskoka Futures partners with the following community organizations on the Muskoka Biz Series project to provide businesses across Muskoka with a broad range of support and learning opportunities:

Muskoka Futures works with these Municipalities on a number of initiatives including partnering in Venture Muskoka.

Muskoka Futures works with the District of Muskoka supporting Economic Development initiatives throughout the region.

Muskoka Futures is partners in tourism related activities with Explorers Edge and Muskoka Tourism

Muskoka Futures is a proud member of The Hub, working from their café space once a week (typically Friday mornings, but check with Jodi in advance to confirm

Fednor is the primary funder of Muskoka Futures and supports our annual operations. Muskoka Futures works with Fed Nor to deliver the Northeastern Ontario Youth Intern Program – Private Sector. For questions on eligibility please contact David Brushey at

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