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Concrete isn’t just a material for sidewalks or garage floors anymore. It’s also the new stone of interior design. For artists like Will Hicks, concrete has become the material of choice for creating countertops, furniture, flooring, lighting and fireplace surrounds.
As the owner of D2BD (Dare to Be Different) Custom Concrete Products and Furnishings, Will transforms your decorating ideas into custom concrete products specific to your needs. Whether it’s a textured surface you can actually feel or just the appearance of having texture, Will and his team can create your exclusive piece, in most colours, at their artisanal studio.

“Contractors are wising up to the trends moving north,” says Will. “A lot of customers are looking for that rustic-modern look as well as something unique that concrete has the ability to give. Concrete can be a cost-effective option when looking at kitchens with large slabs,” explains Will. “We’re able to create pieces up to 12 feet by 5 feet – in some cases even bigger – without seams.”

For those looking to customize, features such as a built-in drain board, sink or stove-side trivet can be incorporated into the design. “We create colours and styles ranging from ultra modern white to rustic-looking tops that belong in a log cabin,” says Will.

Resilient and low maintenance, concrete floors and countertops can also add a cool design punch to showrooms. Businesses looking to maximize branding can have their logo inlaid in their showroom piece using copper, steel or dyes. Says Will, “

“The customization of a showroom creates the feeling that it’s theirs; it was made for them.”

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