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Once we’ve determined it’s a fit we will send you a link to the application. You’ll review, fill out and submit…don’t worry it’s not hard.


We’ll need to see a proposal or quote from your chosen advisor/consultant. This should outline the work to be undertaken and the costs associated with that work. Once you have that in hand you can email it to Jodi.


Once we’ve received your application and supporting documentation we will start the review process. We want to make sure you will be working with a regarded professional or subject matter expert and that if they are in a field that requires it, they have the proper certifications (eg. certified bookkeeper). Next we’ll look at what your goals are for working with your chosen advisor and lastly, what kind of impact working with your chosen advisor will have on your business and the community.


We can usually have an answer for you within 2 weeks.


The Momentum Advisory Fund provides approved applicants with up to 50% reimbursement of costs incurred accessing professional services to a maximum reimbursement of $5000 per business per year. For example if you were working with a lawyer and the total cost of their services was $4000 plus HST and you were approved under the Momentum Advisory Fund, you would receive a maximum reimbursement of $2000 (we do not reimburse HST). As another example if you were working with a marketing professional and the total cost of their services was $12,000 plus HST and you were approved, your maximum reimbursement would be $5000.
Approved applicants are required to pay their service provider when invoiced and provide proof of payment before any reimbursements can be issued.
If your service provider has agreed to bill and collect payment in installments, approved applicants can submit for reimbursement with proof of payment for each installment.

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Advisory Program
by Muskoka Futures

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