11 Free Marketing Ideas

11 Free Marketing Ideas

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11 Free Marketing Ideas to Bring Awareness to your Company/Brand

Any person, company and/or product can use leveraged marketing opportunities to increase their brand awareness.

Below is a list of 11 free or relatively inexpensive marketing ideas. Not all will be appropriate for you and your brand but some you will be able to incorporate right away into your marketing strategy.

1. EMAIL SIGNATURE: Putting links to social media platforms under signature is another opportunity to increase awareness of where people can find you.

2. BUSINESS CARDS: Social media platforms on business cards will also boost awareness to online presence.

3. COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS: If you have a local business contact your local radio station for community events announcements. Think open houses or a meet and greet evening.

4. SOCIAL MEDIA: Posting, sharing and commenting on platforms to promote, support and engage.

5. CONTESTS: Once great way to increase awareness is to run contests on one of your social media platforms. Below are a few ideas:
• Instagram – Try a #mybrandtag photo contest
• If you go to events – Collect business cards by running a contest. For example, leave your business card and you will be entered to win a …..
• Facebook – For example, share our page/like our page and you will be entered to win a ……

6. SOCIAL MEDIA ICONS: Bring awareness to online presence in your local business, asking them to like you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TripAdvisor. Place the icons prominently at entrance of business. If you have a website (which you should have) make sure the social media icons on at the top of each page.

7. LISTING INCLUSIONS: If you have a physical location create one also on:
• TripAdvisor
• Foursquare
• Yelp
• Google Business (this is a must for SEO)

8. PRESS RELEASES: Write a press release. Distribute to local businesses, groups, news media, and free press release distribution sites.

9. NEWSLETTERS: Gather emails via website, and previous customers/clientele. Send out updates, food for thought and seasonal newsletters. The key to newsletters is to either give them something (takeaway) or ask them to do something (call to action).

10. DRIP EMAIL MARKETING: When someone subscribes to your newsletter, thank them. In a week or two update them on some news. In another week or two ask if they have any questions and that you look forward to seeing them. And the best part is that this can all be auto scheduled

11. WORD OF MOUTH: Never doubt the power of word of mouth. A big part of this is customer service. With the power of social media everyone is an influencer. How customers are treated is key to positive word of mouth.

Did I miss anything? What do you do to bring awareness to you and your brand that is relatively inexpensive or, better yet, free? Please let me know!

Audrey van Petegem


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