Inaugural Muskoka 4.0 Winner

Inaugural Muskoka 4.0 Winner

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On June 20th Muskoka Futures selected the winner of the inaugural Muskoka 4.0 Investment Competition and are pleased to announce a quarter million dollar investment in Rolldog Ltd. “We are thrilled to be investing in Craig Crawford and Jeff Bowden, and their business Rolldog” said David Brushey Muskoka Futures Executive Director. “Our Board felt they represented an investment opportunity that had the ability to impact Muskoka in numerous ways, including good paying, year round jobs here in Muskoka and that they are positioned to act as ambassadors for Muskoka, attracting other tech based businesses by showing that these types of  business can succeed here.”

Muskoka 4.0 is an investment competition offering a $250,000 investment to a new and emerging business already in or willing to locate in Muskoka. “The goal of this investment is to help spur diversity in our local economy and to showcase that many forms of business can exist in Muskoka”, said Brushey. “With our broad access to 1gig technology making internet connections more stable, doing business on a global scale from Muskoka is easier than ever.” 

“Rolldog is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software application for Sales Organizations.  Our software helps Sales Teams and Sales Leaders manage, forecast and close opportunities more effectively than ever before.” Explains Craig Crawford Co-Founder of Rolldog. “Rolldog’s initial target market is North American Companies that sell their software to other Companies, but our cloud-based application is designed to easily adapt to other sales markets (globally) such as: Pharma; Medical Device; Financial Services; Telecommunications; Industrial / Mfg. Equipment and others.  This will increase our market potential over time and with the CRM software industry being a $40 Billion / year industry – and growing – Rolldog is well positioned for future expansion.”

On winning the $250,000 equity investment from Muskoka Futures Crawford said, “We are grateful to Muskoka Futures for this opportunity.  Winning this competition not only solidifies Rolldog’s commitment to growing our business in Muskoka, but it will help accelerate our growth plans and help us expand into new markets faster.” 

“It was important to Muskoka Futures that this investment go to a business that intended to impact Muskoka”, noted Brushey, “We believe we hit the nail on the head with Rolldog”. When asked what the plans are for Rolldog in Muskoka, Crawford had this to say, “Over the coming months we will be opening a corporate office in Bracebridge and hiring key people to fulfill executive, support, sales and professional services roles as we grow.” 

“We see Rolldog and Muskoka as a great mutual fit. The fact that there is a high-speed Internet infrastructure already in place makes it possible for a software company like Rolldog to grow here.  Additionally, Rolldog would like to play a part in helping to attract other high-tech/software companies to the area. There is no seasonality when it comes to doing corporate business on the Internet.” continued Crawford

Muskoka Futures will be working with Rolldog to support their growth and look forward to watching this business take flight. Stay tuned to @MuskokaFutures on Facebook Twitter and Instagram for news on when the Muskoka 4.0 Investment Competition opens for the next round of entries, continuing Muskoka Futures’ 5 year, $1.25 million commitment to Muskoka 4.0


For more information, please contact David Brushey, Executive Director, Muskoka Futures at or call 705-646-9511.


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