Take Bold Action in our Leadership Connections Program

Take Bold Action in our Leadership Connections Program

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Leadership Connections, brought to you by Muskoka Futures
‘Helping local business leaders thrive, so that their businesses will thrive too’

You and a group of 5-8 other top leaders from small to medium businesses in Muskoka. All of whom
are: open, curious, driven, keen to grow, and committed to participating fully in this program. None of
whom have conflicts of interest or are in direct competition with other members of the group.
Passionate coach who has worked with hundreds of leaders, tens of teams, and groups similar to this.
100% of participants from past group programs were satisfied with Alex’s support, rating it 4.8/5.0.

Work toward one important goal with support from a diverse group and an experienced coach:

  • Designed to promote new thinking and inspire bold action
  • Facilitated to be approachable, insightful, and challenging yet playful
  • Organized by a certified coach; brought to life by you and the other group members

Goals enable you to improve by helping you change what is in your control. A strong goal: spend 20%
more time on business development by getting better at delegating tasks. A subpar goal: decrease
snow removal costs 20% by wishing for less fluffy stuff. Sometimes, the goal that has the biggest
impact for a leader is personal in nature. Setting effective goals will be discussed during Launch.

You will likely have your own reasons for joining, but here are five benefits cited by past participants:

  1. Clarify an important goal and make rapid progress with greater motivation and accountability
  2. Gain awareness about yourself and experience important shifts in perspective and mindset
  3. Practice valuable soft skills and learn new tools you can use with yourself and your teams
  4. Understand how other leaders face similar challenges while building trust in yourself
  5. Expand your network and develop meaningful connections with several thoughtful leaders

This 3-month program includes: 6 x 90-min group sessions, 3 x 25-min ‘spot coaching’ sessions 1:1
with Alex, and a WhatsApp group to celebrate wins, share challenges, discuss insights, and explore
key questions between sessions. Group sessions will be In Person or on Zoom, as follows:

  • Launch: In person, where we will agree on norms, build trust and connection, identify and refine individual goals
  • Summits x4: On Zoom, where we will share recent progress on goals, 2-3 volunteers enter coaching dialogue
    directly with Alex followed by group input, identify takeaways and share individual next steps
  • Closing: In person, where we will reflect on journey, discuss how to sustain progress, share thanks and final notes

Getting started

  1. Submit your program application here, after which Alex will find 30-mins to connect with you
  2. Within 48-hrs Alex will notify you whether you’ve been accepted into the next program round
  3. If accepted, an investment of $799** is due before Launch. Payment can be by e-transfer to the alex@alexradu.com. Invoices are available upon request.

**Support may be available through our Momentum Advisory Fund. Book a time to chat with Jodi here to learn more**

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